I am what they call a professional “lighting cameraman” – perhaps that should be camera operator nowadays?  But then again I am a man!  Anyway, it means that I operate a camera and also do some lighting, sometimes more officially called a “Director of Photography” on bigger sets, which I prefer as not only is it abbreviated to “DP” – the same the initials of my name –  but it sounds impressive!  The problem is that a lot of people think that means I take photographs.  Which I do… on my phone.  Not professionally!  So, should I instead say “videographer”? Definitely not!  That sounds like old Uncle Dan who shoots family weddings and always gets in the way of the official photographer! And I do neither.

So “lighting cameraman” it is.  On location when being introduced to the client or other crew I often end up saying: “Hi, I’m Dan, the cameraman”. To which is the usual reply: “Dan-the-cameraman, that’s great, I won’t forget your name then!”  And so “Dan-the-cameraman” has stuck. Even when I am editing. And it is infinitely better than my schoolday nickname which was “curl”.  Perhaps my Simpsonised avatar is a clue as to where that came from.

To contact me or find out more about me or the work I do as  “lighting cameraman” please visit my website here: http://www.danthecameraman.co.uk

Or you can use this form:




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